Head of Design

Michelle Doubet

Michelle Doubet is a designer who

creates harmonious spaces that

reflect the lifestyle and personality of

her clients. She specializes in

statement elements and artistic

touches that elevate any room.

Michelle and her husband live in

Texas and have three children, two

grandchildren and three dogs.

Christitna Garza

Lead Project Manager

Christina Garza

Christina is the Project Manager. Her duties consist of monitoring the daily progress of projects, providing detailed updates to the designer and clients,

organizing reports, ordering and tracking inventory, creating invoices, planning meetings, and organizing

project logistics.


Social Media Manager

Chelsea Westfall

Chelsea is the Social Media Manager. Her duties include planning and developing campaigns, creating compelling content, posting content across social media accounts, analyzing running campaigns and being on top of the latest social media trends.


Head of Design

Michelle Doubet is a master of designing spaces that resonate with her clients' unique lifestyles and personalities. With a keen eye for statement pieces and a flair for artistic touches, she creates environments that elevate the soul and inspire the heart. Michelle's passion for design is matched only by her devotion to her family, which includes a loving husband, three cherished children, two adorable grandchildren, and a trio of furry canines.


When I moved into my newly built home, I was immediately overwhelmed with all the space that needed to be filled. I reached out to Michelle about a week after I closed, and she responded immediately.

Her and crew were at my house the next day! From start to finish it took a short amount of time to complete. From 72 cabinet knobs/handles, art, custom draperies, rugs, kitchen and living room furniture, bar stools, chairs, etc. she worked to make my house perfectly 'me', bringing functionality and beauty together.

Michelle was easy to work with and her patience was definitely on point. I love her vibe and vision and I am very happy with the results. She is amazing.

ERICA HOWARD  / Houston, Texas


I love design! And I believed that I was personally equipped to embark in our home remodel journey on my own; that is, until I felt overwhelmed, questioning every purchase and how everything would blend and flow.

That’s when I reached out to Michelle. I love her design style! However, what made our project a huge success is the fact that Michelle not only listened to, and helped us realize our vision; she also challenged us way beyond our comfort zone and we couldn’t be happier with the final product, “our new home”!

Highly recommend her as she’ll ensure your home becomes your personal oasis! Thank you

Michelle Wren/ Houston, Texas


The We had so much fun working with Michelle! She's amazing! She has a good eye, makes quick but thoughtful decisions, and knows how to put it all together.

The hubs said it finally feels like home. We can actually use the space now. We love it! Thank you Michelle.